About Us

How We Work

NMR Developers is the property and real estate development company with in-house real estate experts who are constantly ready to assist the potential investors in finding their dream land in Andhra Pradesh. With decades of expertise in handling various projects and development of plots in Andhra Pradesh, we are able to bring you a prospect of finding a best asset for the buyers and also fulfil the innate dream of owning a plot

We are popular in the market to bring about the timely completion of the project and the meticulous planning which goes into the project completion.We are recognized for being a dedicated company which brings in satisfaction to the customers through its real estate developments and property developers.



Mr. Nuthalapati Naga Malleswara Rao Chairman & Managing Director, NMR Resorts and Developers has led to stand out in the Real Estate field in Andhra Pradesh through his Working Style and Vision.

Mr. Rao was one of the member in APREDA. As a CMD he has always stressed on client satisfaction this along with his leadership skills, open plots knowledge set him apart as an Industry Icon.

Mr. Rao always believe in only one that "Without Hardwork and discipline it is difficult to be top professional".

Who we are

The real estate company is completely focused on development of residential, commercial and plotted real estate. Our team brings with it an amalgamation of both experienced and expertise real estate professionals who bring in a contagious passion for premium quality, design, innovation in real estate, which helps the buyers to get a well planned home.
As a matter of fact, one can change the structure of a home anytime bringing in the latest amenity, but location plays a crucial role. NMR has, however, done half the job done for you in your quest for residential property at a chosen location

Vision & Mision

The most important criterion when buying a home is the location, also needs to be kept in mind.We ensures that the customer gets a good residential ambience with an amenity which delights the pleasure of the buyers with facilities such as underground sewerage system, water and plantation schemes mention a few. We make the dream among the buyers into reality wherein our experts guide the buyers and take an insightful tour of a well-planned, well-structured amenity and that too within the city limits.

Why Choose Us?

We are the most preferred real estate company, we help hundreds of potential buyers to get their dream homes and the most exciting component is that they get their dream home in just a single click
NMR Developers have been the popular tag in the region as they have been the guiding force for the investor in taking up the right decision at the right time for their investments in getting a best plot in the residential zone that comes with an affordable price range.